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Services concerning water meters and submeters

Sales Department, ul. Poznańska 49, 62-510 Konin
telephone number (63) 240-39-46

1. Sealing, commissioning and replacing water meters for water not returned to the sewer system (industry purposes,  watering
    parklands) – technical requirementsprice list
2. Replacing main water meters at customer’s request – price list
3. Replacing water meters in collective dwelling buildings at their administrators’ request – individual pricing
4. Preparing entries for main water meters or for water meters for outdoor and production water use – price list
5. Replacing valves at customer’s request – price list
6. Disassembling water meters for winter – price list
7. De-sealing and second sealing of water meter due to changes to internal installations (the need to de-seal a water meter must
    be reported before work commences!)
price list
8. Cutting off water flow in case of missing or failure of main valves (cross connection freezing with CO2) – individual pricing
9. Buying an AMR water meter – price list
10. Buying radio frequency data collector device – price list