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Operating services connected with sewage management and electrical services

Sewage Treatment Department, Rumin 11 B, 62-500 Konin
telephone number (63) 240 -39-96

 1.  Taking liquid waste at a storage point

       - human liquid waste – price list
       - industrial liquid waste – individual pricing

 2.  Operating intermediate pumping stations (meteoric water and sewage) – individual pricing.

 3.  Preparing monitoring and controlling systems for intermediate pumping stations – individual pricing.

 4. Preparing and installing technological utilities for intermediate pumping stations – individual pricing.

 5.  Adjusting intermediate pumping stations to the company’s monitoring system – price list

 6.  Weighing vehicles with a car weight scales located in the Left Bank Water Treatment Plant (maximum weight of a vehicle or of a
      combination of vehicles is 60 T and maximum length is 16 m) – price list  

 7.  Electro-technical services and electrical measurements – individual pricing.